The Future of Resource Planning Software – Where is it Heading?

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Resource management digital tech advancing to meet future needs

Advances in digital technology and software development has already had a profound effect on organisations embracing it; sound resource planning in conjunction with the use of bespoke software makes for highly agile project management that boosts productivity and maximises budgets.

What’s clear is that technology including resource planning software will evolve and adapt to meet future needs and trends. So where is it heading?


Remote working

Many businesses and organisations have staff who work remotely and outsource to contractors – perhaps when a project demands a certain skill set not offered within the present workforce, or maybe if it’s too highly specialised to warrant employing staff full time.

Resource management software is likely to adapt and evolve to factor in those who work for an organisation on an ‘as and when required’ basis.

This way of working presents challenges to project management staff in terms of managing teams possibly spread over long distances, so real time data provision will become more important than ever to check progress and act accordingly.

Previously this kind of monitoring and reporting would have taken far longer in terms of adding information to spreadsheets, but it’s envisaged that evolved resource software will enable admin activity to happen with just a handful of clicks.


Data analytics

The advances in data capture and analysis such as with Big Data will likely herald a major advance in the reporting side of resource management software.

Large amounts of data collected – such as production figures – is not much help unless it can be manipulated and transformed into intelligence to show ‘how things are’ and point the way to action steps that might be taken. More comprehensive reporting will likely feature in resource planning software.

Basic office type software such as spreadsheets and databases won’t be up to the task of making the most of these larger amounts of data, so bespoke packages such as resource management software will evolve to take advantage.

This would include more specific reports such as those under various different financial headings to offer a more comprehensive picture of how the organisation is performing through its activities.


Skills resource management

More organisations are looking to make the most of their employees not only in the core skills that they’re implying them for in the first place, but other ‘softer’ skills they may possess. Resource management software could evolve to take this into account.

Software that ‘bears in mind’ where softer skills lie within the workforce and where they may be needed can help project management personnel fine-tune projects to ensure a full range of skills and abilities are provided from those offered by the workforce.

These could even include outsourcers who offer a broader range of talents than just, say, a certain type of IT skill.


Associated technology

Advances in resource management are possible through developments in tech such as Big Data and the cloud.

The generation of more data and virtual space to store it on – such as the cloud – means organisations of most sizes can capture huge amounts of information and this, in turn, means resource management software will evolve to make the most of it.


Planning and reacting

The twin benefits of resource management software – planning activity and being able to react to changes quickly – are set to be developed and refined as associated tech advances.

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