The Best Weight Loss Plan for 2019

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weight loss plansDevising a Plan That’s Right for You

Another new year, another failed diet attempt? Try taking a more holistic approach to weight loss in 2019.

January is here, and certain routines are as regular as the seasons. The Christmas tree and decorations are back in the loft, the supermarket aisles have returned to some semblance of normality and many of us are looking at the bathroom scales in horror. If the next step in your personal January routine is to try yet another weight loss technique that works for a few weeks then falls by the wayside, maybe it is time to take a new approach.

There are several different factors that affect our weight. Some relate to diet, some to exercise and some to our mindset. By focusing on all three of these, we can make subtle changes to our lifestyle that will result in losing those excess pounds almost effortlessly.

Get in the right frame of mind

If losing weight is seen as a challenge or a battle, you are almost doomed from the outset. Before you do anything else, consider some basic psychological tools that will help you along the way. There has been plenty of talk about gastric band hypnotherapy over recent months, and it is a process that has delivered significant results to thousands.

It uses established and medically proven cognitive behavioural therapy to influence your overall approach and attitude to food, exercise and weight loss. Don’t mistake it for a silver bullet, it will not single-handedly get you into perfect shape, but it will equip you to do what you need to do to attain your goals.

The diet question

With every new year comes a new fad diet. Some of them deliver results for some people, but more often than not they lead to misery, disappointment and failure. The key to successful dieting is to ensure you are still eating the foods you enjoy. If you love steak and chips and force yourself to east salad every evening, there is no way the diet will be sustainable in the long term.

Instead, look for small substitutions, such as fruit instead of chocolate for a mid-morning snack or using an air fryer instead of deep fat when you fancy your favourite comfort food. These are steps that you can gradually introduce into your routine that will not make you feel you are following a strict diet or missing out on what you enjoy.

The exercise question

Exactly the same approach applies to exercise. Sure, there are some people who enjoy working out at the gym five evenings a week. Are you one of them? If not, five will become four will become two, as you find excuses not to bother, and soon that gym membership will be nothing more than a drain on your finances and a source of guilt.

Instead, do something you enjoy. Cycling is a great way of exercising a range of muscles and improving cardiovascular health, as well as being an effective means of transport that will save you money. Alternatively, if you enjoy walking, perhaps now is the perfect time to head to the local rescue centre and introduce a dog into the family. One thing is for sure, there will be no excuses, and those walks will become a part of everyday life.

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