Don’t Let Your Pets Stop You From Emigrating For Work

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cat on a planeHow To Move Your Beloved Pet Overseas

Take the stress out of pet travel by following these steps to relocate them with you in your overseas move.

Around 300,000 UK residents emigrate each year to countries all over the globe. Whether you’re looking to retire to Spain, enjoy a new life in Australia or have secured a job offer in Paris, don’t let your pet be the reason to prevent you from making the move. With a bit of planning and preparation, it’s perfectly possible to take your pets with you, and it’s usually a lot more straightforward than you might realise.


The first step in transporting your pet overseas is to get them microchipped. The chip is normally located around the shoulder region of your pet, and the number is also recorded in the accompanying pet passport.


Many countries require your pet to be vaccinated before travel, but the requirements for this vary widely depending on the country that you’re travelling to. If you have a definite departure date in mind, then make sure that you research the vaccination requirements well in advance, as many will need to be carried out several weeks beforehand, and some may need a follow-up appointment. Make sure that you carry all vet papers as proof.

Method Of Transportation

If you’re moving to Europe, then it is often possible to take your pet with you by road. This is preferable if you do not wish to be separated from your pet, although it is important to use protection such as a crate or seatbelt harness.

For many others though, pet travel will likely involve a flight, but it’s important to check with individual airlines as to their specific requirements. It won’t be possible for your pet to travel with you in the cabin, and there are strict regulations in place as to the type and size of container that your pet can be placed in.

Although it is possible to organise your pet’s travel by yourself, it is much easier to use a professional pet travel company, although you should always ensure that they are IPATA-approved.

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